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What is houndler?

houndler is a game of tag that you play in your city against your friends and other houndlers you don't know yet! The object of the game is to collect enough bones to win without being tagged IT. When you're tagged the player who tags you steals your bones. When you're IT you can't collect bones. It's easy. It's FUN! It's FREE! Download houndler and start playing today!

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Current Cities

Austin, TX
Berkeley, CA
Bronx, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Cupertino, CA
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI

El Paso, TX
Folsom, CA
Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Manhattan, NY
Memphis, TN
Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ
Queens, NY
Roseville, CA
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
Staten Island, NY